Solidifying ABLA as Setting the Standard for Community Gang Violence Intervention/Prevention Efforts

A Better LA was chosen this year to lend its expertise for a yearly Violence Campaign headed by media planet and in conjunction with major news outlets (media and print) nationwide! One of their main objectives was to cast light on Community Violence more specifically gang violence and how it’s affecting communities all over the U.S. The article that was requested of our Executive Director, Aquil Basheer, was to give a general overview of Gang Violence and some of the hardships that the workers on the ground encounter while intervening in dangerous situations. The editors initially suggested we write three articles and one would be chosen from those, but the information was so valuable, their editor decided to utilize all three written, giving us a good amount of input towards this campaign. Through The Los Angeles Times, targeted distribution and endless online/social media outlets, this publication, both in print and digitally, will reach around 20 million readers.


For more information, take a look at the article on Violence Prevention News by our Executive Director, Aquil Basheer.

ABLA Christmas Toy Giveway

The gift portion of this year's Christmas event successfully took place over the weekend of December 20th at five parks encompassed in the areas we serve. We graciously distributed over 4,000+ toys!



Take a look at our Flickr page for more photos!

We would like to give special thanks to:

  • Pete and Glena Carroll for caring so much about the L.A. communities and refusing to let the holidays go by without making gifts happen for the kids.
  • Joe Mendoza and the Parks Dept, including Mike Ealey, Memo, and Yvette, for coordinating the logistics and helping make a safe and fun environment for the gifts to be distributed to the kids.
  • Matt Ackels and USC Athletics Community Outreach (including Zach, Lily and staff) for hosting a great event for kids from our communities the previous Saturday, and working closely with us every day since then to help those kids get gifts.
  • RACE, PCI, Innercity Visions, Crossroads, APUU, PCITI and their leadership in helping with the gift distribution on very short notice.
  • Jim Veregge and Unified Grocers for helping with food for the kids.
  • Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD)
  • Anna Reynor from Discount School Supply
  • Mark Funston and Ed Suadrio from Lakeshore Learning Materials

...and the A Better LA toy team for jumping in and making things happen.

A Relentless Peace Worker aka “Twin”

When Kevin Orange, former Hoover Crip, was still new as a peace-maker, his commitment was tested the night his twin brother and his cousin were murdered right in front of him. On February 2, 2009, Kevin (AKA "Twin") had just arrived at 104th and Bud Long Avenue, to attend a candlelight vigil for a friend murdered at that corner. He saw his brother Keith Orange, 45 with their cousin, Joe Caver, mid 20s, and greeted them. Kevin turned away for a moment, heard gunshots right at his elbow and spun back around. His brother and their cousin lay shot and dying, on the ground.

More about our program partner "Twin" at The Huffington Post

PCITI on NBC Channel 4 News

Our long-time partners PCITI were featured recently on NBC Channel 4 News:

A Comprehensive, Solution-Based Conversation and Booksigning

Check out our Executive Director, Aquil Basheer, speak at this Peace In The Hood panel and booksigning on Sunday 2pm-5pm at the African American Firefighter Museum, 1401 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, California 90021.

This is the second in a series of 'Peace In the Hood: Working With Gang Members to End the Peace In the Hood: Working with Gang Members to End the Violence" booksignings and solution-seeking community discussions. The event will focus on developing solutions to address a number of issues in the media today and offer strategies in the book to empower residents to reduce the levels of violence in their communities.

The panelists include some of the most dedicated and passionate individuals in the fields of violence prevention, mental health, public safety, media and academics/research.