Feed The Need – August 23, 2014

Feed the Need LA

Come join us on August 23, 2014 for one of our most successful programs.  Feed The Need has helped provide meals to over 300,000 people and we continue to get stronger.  We'll be at Mt. Pleasant Hill Church at 8204 South Avalon Blvd... hope to see you there!

Growth Note

This is the first of a monthly Growth Note column by our Executive Director, Aquil Basheer.


Change: Development from a lower or simpler to a higher or more complex form; Evolution, progressive development, constructive advancement. (Webster)

Leadership: The ability of a person to guide or direct: ability to lead, an act or instance of leading; providing guidance or direction. (Webster)

New Leadership always is accompanied by change: Whenever you have new leadership change is inherent, it can and should be expected. Change is inevitable; it drives the process of growth and it often makes us very uncomfortable because it removes us from our comfort zone. Many of us fear change and that fear often leads to defensiveness.

It is natural for individuals to recede from alteration; alteration (change) represents an unknown, an unfamiliar place. For an individual or an organization to be effective & successful, change has to be expected and embraced. Modification is what makes for constructive growth, modification can only happen amid change.

The Leadership of ABLA saw the need for transformative change and stepped up to do what was necessary to make transformation occur. I was brought in as a change agent with the expectation of making the organization better than it had been and attempting to possibily make it the best it could be. Often times this takes on the form of restructuring, recharging, redirecting, revamping and redefining. Formulating ABLA to become a more respected, valued, and appreciated leader in this field of work is one of my primary objectives. Framing the organization to be a highly valued & treasured ally to the communities it serves is priority one!

There will be many changes in the structure of ABLA as we move forward. You have already seen some of these changes occur: A new mission & vision statement, funding protocol development, universal reporting documentation for all funding partners, an oversight & accountability team in creation, a division of intervention workers into level I & Level II, and much more to follow. We expect to increase our corporate & private partners as well as acquiring new funded associates in the future. We have to let the greater cause of our direction drive the process of this change. Individual glorification and self-recognition is not and cannot be our objective. Comprehensive deliverables in the form of saving lives, providing hope, and implementing proactive solutions for restoring individuals & communities has to be our outcome.

If we stay true to our mission, infuse in that mission integrity, character, honor, dignity and respect & let these components be the pillars we stand on, we can sincerely become that ally to those we choose to serve. Let’s make “setting the standard others will measure themselves by” a core tenant of our new direction!

Much respects to all of you for your hard work & commitment to this struggle!

Aquil Basheer

“Peace In The Hood” Book Signing

Book Signing

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, July 19 - 'Peace In the Hood' is designed to teach anyone how to be an interventionist, offering clear guidelines on the necessities of intervention work, including understanding the gang mindset, learning how to evaluate truth from rumors and convincing young people to leave gangs. Each chapter deals with one key aspect of peacemaking and the advice comes with anecdotes from Basheer’s own life, including interactions with gang members, which offer a unique insight into the culture.

More information is available here.

License to Operate


Check out this great article on Truthout about the new documentary film "License to Operate" which follows the lives and work of many of our partners as they combat gang violence.