Introducing “License To Operate”

License To Operate

A Better LA has been dedicated to funding, training, and empowering Community Intervention Specialists – most of whom are former gang members – in inner cities throughout the Los Angeles region since 2003. They work tirelessly to reduce gang violence, utilizing specialized training, to go where only they can go. Their story was recently captured in an incredible documentary called “License to Operate,” created by our friends at Omelet. The film debuted June 3 on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other platforms. It would mean so much if you could download and rate it today at

On the surface, this film is about former gang leaders who have turned their lives around to become trained gang interventionists and together alongside local law enforcement, are rebuilding the neighborhoods they once destroyed. But it’s really much more than that. Especially amidst the growing nationwide distrust between police and the people they’re supposed to protect, License to Operate shows that you can still rebuild relationships, forge new alliances, and find hope even in a city’s darkest hours. We’ve been truly inspired by these men and women.

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