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SCRIPT Conference 2016

What is SCRIPT?

On July 6th and 7th at the California Endowment Center SCRIPT will supply free community intervention training to raise awareness about the integration of efforts of multiple agencies and organizations to support public needs for mental health care, crisis intervention and supportive services in Los Angeles. It is our goal to raise awareness about societal needs regarding intervention, and to improve relationships between government, social services, and community based institutions. Moreover, decreasing social-stressors and increasing overall life satisfaction by giving people tools to recognize mental illness or other compassionate needs for the population.

The target population is anyone interested in working together to support the community and learn intervention strategies. SCRIPT invites social welfare workers, law enforcement, advocacy professionals, academicians and consumers to present and take part in the trainings.

2016 Theme

Due to a continuing overwhelming community issues related to male survivors of violence and abuse, this year’s theme will focus on breaking the silence and eliminating the stigma that discourages many male survivors from seeking support following violence or abuse. Multicultural factors in working with diverse populations will be considered. Before the age of 16, it is estimated nearly 60% of males experience at least one significant trauma. However, our society does not support males coming forward with stories of a traumatic past. These life experiences can also lead to a life of social withdrawal, poor relationships and self-concept issues. With coordinated efforts, we can raise awareness and increase prevention, as well as give community members the tools necessary to assist in support and recovery.

Please RSVP at thescriptconference.com by June 27th, 2016.