A Better LA Honors Intervention Leader Gary Robinson


As a tribute to the pioneering work of Gary Robinson and his role as a leader in gang intervention, A Better LA hosted a lunch at the Chester Washington Golf Course on March 5, 2016. In attendance were A Better LA leadership, community intervention specialists that are supported by A Better LA, and family and friends of Gary.

In 2006, Gary pledged to work against gang violence before it was the rigor that it has become today. In  2007 Gary co-founded the non-profit, C.U.R.E., to spread gang intervention work throughout his community and neighboring communities, bringing together old archrivals to join in stopping violence and the culture that breeds it.

Gary was one of the early leaders in forming truces between rival gang members.  His commitment to building relationships across neighborhood boundaries was groundbreaking. Today West Athens has one of the lowest violence rates in South Los Angeles.

Parks have long been the backyards for inner city youth where they gather and recreate.  Too often, they have been places for gang members to congregate, making parks dangerous for families and children.  Gary pledged to change all that.  Helen Keller Park, in West Athens, is now one of the safest and most beautiful parks in South Los Angeles.

In  2008 Gary realized another dream – to bring football to the youngsters of West Athens.  The Cali Cowboys football team was launched at Helen Keller Park and is still saving kids today.

Gary has worked tirelessly to promote peace for over a decade.  A Better LA and it’s intervention family salute and honor this local hero and legend.

Gary 3