Solidifying ABLA as Setting the Standard for Community Gang Violence Intervention/Prevention Efforts

A Better LA was chosen this year to lend its expertise for a yearly Violence Campaign headed by media planet and in conjunction with major news outlets (media and print) nationwide! One of their main objectives was to cast light on Community Violence more specifically gang violence and how it’s affecting communities all over the U.S. The article that was requested of our Executive Director, Aquil Basheer, was to give a general overview of Gang Violence and some of the hardships that the workers on the ground encounter while intervening in dangerous situations. The editors initially suggested we write three articles and one would be chosen from those, but the information was so valuable, their editor decided to utilize all three written, giving us a good amount of input towards this campaign. Through The Los Angeles Times, targeted distribution and endless online/social media outlets, this publication, both in print and digitally, will reach around 20 million readers.


For more information, take a look at the article on Violence Prevention News by our Executive Director, Aquil Basheer.