LAPD finds success working directly with communities

New York Times tells an inspiring story of how the LAPD has evolved in handling gang-related violence. The tactic used was “police-community reconciliation.” Rather than bombard communities like Watts with police officers that make arrests, the LAPD has made efforts to connect with community leaders and to actively work towards reconciliation in a nonviolent way. Since the LAPD has been meeting with community leaders and gang intervention workers, crime has fallen 60% in Watts. Women like Cynthia Mendenhall, a former high-ranking member of the PJ Crips known as “Sista Soulja”, have been recruited to work with both the community and law enforcement in order to keep the peace. The LAPD’s approach to handling Gang Violence in Watts is a perfect example of ABLA’s approach to conflict resolution—building sustainable solutions within the community. ABLA also works with the LAPD in several areas across Los Angeles to do community outreach and prevent conflict.

Check out the article to read more about the LAPD’s amazing journey towards eliminating gang violence.