In addition to violence and crisis intervention, ABLA-funded organizations offer programs to support at-risk youth. Supportive programs range from mentorship, to tutoring, after-school sports and recreation, “safe-passage” patrol to insure that youth can walk safely to and from schools, life skills classes, job readiness training, financial literacy classes and food distribution services. Through these partnerships, ABLA provides support to organizations that help empower individuals to rise above adversity and take charge of creating positive futures.


Advocates for Peace and Urban Unity (APUU) is a community-based organization focused on gang prevention and intervention, aimed at the peaceful and cooperative eradication of gang violence. Their efforts are focused on a "hotbed" section of Los Angeles within the 8th District, and include the following initiatives:

  • Safe passage programs for children
  • Before, during and after school programs for families and children
  • Enrichment classes in local elementary schools

Build Logo

B.U.I.L.D (Brotherhood for Independent Leadership through Discipline) is a 501c3 Non-profit Pro-social Youth Empowerment Program that provides a Comprehensive Program of Direction, Self-Discipline, Focus and Responsibility for Vulnerable Populations

  • All-Inclusive Victim Services
  • Grief-Response-Stress Management
  • Incarceration Re-Entry Adaptation
  • Personal Achievement Courses
  • Violent Behavior Management
  • High Risk Youth Modification
  • Advanced Educational Literacy
  • Co-Ed Adolescent & Adult Mentorship
  • Targeted Survival Life Skills
  • Manhood & Womanhood Developmental Intensification Programs
  • Tutorial Guidance & Youth Education
  • Specialized Job Training and Placement
  • Safe Passage Implementation & Training

Inner City Visions Logo

Inner City Visions is a non-profit organization founded in 2008, dedicated to gang violence reduction and youth development in Florence-Firestone (historic South-Central Los Angeles). Their mission is to reduce crime and violence associated with street gangs by providing "hardcore street-based services" including:

  • Violence interruption and conflict mediation
  • Community crisis intervention
  • Street mediation
  • Rumor control
  • Creating & maintaining cease-fires
  • Intervention organizing
  • Family advocacy for victims of violent crimes

PCI Logo

People for Community Improvement (PCI) is a non-profit community center that was established in 1986. P.C.I.'s services include programs and activities for youths, adults, and seniors living in inner city LA. Since partnering with ABLA in 2008, P.C.I. has established leadership development programs that teach children and individuals social and life skills, academic tutoring, and after school programs as part of their gang prevention measures. P.C.I.’s programs are structured around social responsibility and personal accountability, and include:

  • Gang prevention/intervention
  • Job referrals and readiness
  • Youth education and recreational activities
  • Social and economic resources for the community
  • Food distribution


Reclaiming America's Communities through Empowerment (RACE) is a nonprofit organization operating in West Athens that specializes in gang intervention and prevention programs. R.A.C.E. has been awarded the "Los Angeles Greater Peace Award," for its role in reducing murder rates in West Athens by 70%.

In addition to gang intervention and prevention activities, R.A.C.E. also focuses on community development programs for at-risk youth and their families, including:

  • Youth sports programs
  • Job training and placement
  • School and park safety programs
  • Girls’ and young women’s mentorship